Ready to Eat

Ready to Eat


With the demanding existing schedule it’s recongnizable that almost pupils, employees, and those who are living far away from their home, they’ve to put together the everyday meals but regrettably they come closer to an unhealthy way of life by consuming unhealthy food. However, keeping the wholesome way, it’s sincerely crucial to move ahead by keeping “health is wealth” in mind. A good revert is present for this, I,e., Ready to Eat meals which includes the finest & richest flavour of Indian species. It takes less time for preparation. Hygienic food is the major concern which cowl huge variety of Scrumptious meals to the consumers.. It is geared up to assist you in the kitchen and your plate with similar taste of domestic food. Even this ready to eat food could be served in the Restaurants, Hotels, cafe, Canteens as it takes huge time to cook food in traditional way. Those who are fitness conscious can store “Wow Ghar Jaisa” at their accomodations.We take care of your health and make your life like a piece of cake by adding cost to the benefit and feature of pre-cooked food at your convenience. Ready to Eat food is 100% natural and pure.This is specifically made to fed on the room temperature. Your luscious healthy food get ready in few minutes. Now live a hassle free life with the assistance of meals that are Ready to Eat.

It has ample of advantages which includes:

  • It’s portable, people who are travels from one place to another can take it with them.
  • It’s convenient for Working people, and Students.
  • Everything is pre-cooked

Follow the basic steps;

  • Pour the content into pan & simmer it for 3-5 minutes.
  • Microwave it for 2-3 minutes.
  • Put the unopened can into warm water.

100%Natural. No Added Colour. No presevatives
We can store Canned/Pouch food at room temperature for 24 months.

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