Sauces ought to be an easy way to give the luxurious flavours of different spices and ingredients to thrill the food. Sauces come in different varieties like Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Sauce, Red-Chilli Sauce and Green Chilli sauce and Soya – Sauce. “Wow Ghar Jaisa” Tomato ketchup is formed with pure ingredients. You can serve it cold to make your food more yum-yum. It’s prepared to give you the homely taste.Tomato sauce can be served as a part of any meal.It has an upscale flavours and softness.
Red chilli and Green Chilli Sauces are spicy made from red and Green peppers. These are multi-purpose sauces. To add taste these can be used for marination, barbeque as well as for cooking vegetables, fast food,and soups. Moreover, these are beneficial for the health such as, good source of vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron.
Soya Sauce has tenderness and richness of colour along with aromatic flavour. It’s beneficial for maintaining good immune system, gut health and blood pressure.It contains low calories.
The major property is sauces are prepared with paste.
Garg Rajdhani Online Food offers variety in sauces that gives you the taste Of “Wow Ghar Jaisa.”

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